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By : Arundhati   Date : 14 Dec 2007
A web hosting reseller is the middleman selling web space on someone else’s server. In other words, a reseller purchases web space in bulk from a hosting company and then sells them again to his customer in chunks, earning profit for himself. The profit of a web hosting reseller lies in the commission or discount that they get by selling the hosting accounts to some other customers.
The schemes of the web hosting resellers can be categorized into several categories:

1) The first category includes those web hosting resellers who play the part of an agent of the main web hosting provider. Customers buy directly from the company as the reseller advertises the services of the actual hosting company and the reseller gets a cut for any sales made through him. This form of reselling is termed as affiliated system.
2) The second category includes those web hosting resellers who are the marketers of the main web hosting provider. Customers buy from the reseller but contact the actual web hosting company for further support.
3) The third category of web hosting resellers includes the “rebadgers”. These resellers appear as a web hosting company on their own but the services that they offer are actually provided by the main host. The customers for any question or support contact the reseller, but the real help comes from the actual web hosting company via the reseller. The customers are invoiced by the main company in the web hosting resellers name.
4) The fourth type includes those web hosting resellers who buy a larger lump of bandwidth and web space and then redistribute it among the customers dividing them into different proportions. The reseller is responsible for any type of support.
Now-a-days, a large number of web hosting companies are extending their business reach by outsourcing their services to the web hosting resellers. They find it more cost effective and time effective as they can focus on other aspects of business operation.
Just like the main web hosts, the web hosting resellers also offer a variety of services ranging from shared to co-located web hosting. And what is more important is that you can get started with the reselling business with a very low investment. It is also quite advisable for the web hosting resellers to offer other related services.
The services offered by the web hosting resellers are best suitable for those businesses that want to concentrate on selling services than untwining the technical complexities.
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