Grabbing the Right Domain Name

By : Arundhati   Date : 14 Dec 2007
If you are looking for web hosting, it is quite unlikely that you are not aware of domain names and their essence. But still let me define it once again for you so that things go in a much smother way. A domain name is a name by which your website will be known in the internet. These names act as a website’s Universal Resource Locator (URL) in the World Wide Web, which is a home to thousands of websites round the globe.
Bagging the correct domain name is an important point of consideration for any type of online business. A correct domain name which well suits your business perspective can allure a high percentage of customers to your site and a wrong one can decrease the trafficking confusing them to a great extent. None of the web masters can give a perfect suggestion when it comes to choosing your domain name as there is not any unanimity regarding their views. This article deals with some points that could be of some help in your decision of extracting the right domain name.
From the SEO perspective, the search engines continuously keep on changing their algorithm of weighing the various aspects that would keep your site on a higher position in SERPs. A little bit of research could be of help in this respect. Generally it always helps to stick to the KISS principle (keep it short and simple), without any numbers or hyphens in your URL. But the search engines find it suitable to locate a site with hyphens between the words in the URL. So if this is what you want, i.e. search engine optimization, than keep this consideration in mind before selecting your own domain name.
But if you are a profit making industry relying totally on your customers then the consensual view is to keep it simple avoiding numbers and hyphens, so that your customer should have no problem remembering it. But most of the people tend to overlook the market sector they are in and use numbers thinking that it would contribute to bring their site into a better position by placing it even before the letter ‘A’.
One of the minute consideration that should be taken care off is that .com is still the most recognized extension and people tend to type it before thinking even. So a “.com” always helps. However, when it comes to country code level domains like or, it always work better for regional level business as someone from distant east may not like to trade with someone at distant west. So when you go for country based domain extensions, be doubtless that you deal with that particular region.
Some precautions to be taken when you go for a domain name of your own include at the first place that you make sure that the domain name is registered with your own name and correct contact information. You can check it out anytime using the WhoIs record which is a search engine providing detailed record of the domain registrar, the owner of the domain and Domain Name System (DNS) records of an internet entity, for example, a domain, a network, a host, etc. Also be particular of not using any company’s trademark on your domain name as it may drag you to lawsuit. The domain name is the online identity, of yours and your business, so be very particular and responsive while choosing one be sure to rest the authenticity of your domain name registrar which must be ICANN and ccTLD accredited.
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