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By : Arundhati   Date : 04 Dec 2009
With a plethora of web hosting companies around, it is surely a grueling task to choose the right one. All the webmasters will advice for some research before you take the first step. But where to begin the research? One cannot compare all of them. And the time factor that this research will take? It's simply for this that the sites with web hosting reviews are so popular and helpful.
Just like the hosting companies, the number of sites providing web hosting reviews is also increasing. But here it is easy to chose the best and the authentic ones. The best web hosting review providers give two options - an at-a-glance table and an in-depth table. In the first type of table they provide a general overview by placing a number of web hosting companies side-by-side. You can have a quick glance at your priorities - price, bandwidth, disk space, etc. The second table delves into the depths of each issue.

There are a lot many of these sites offering web hosting reviews which belong to some web hosting providers. You cannot trust their information which could be biased to the core. And there are a lot more of web hosting reviews which are camouflaged with advertising. So trust only those websites which have in-depth information and unbiased reviews. And also information as to how they determine the rankings of the web hosting providers. The best review sites even go a step further and provide even the details of these broad categories.

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But the web hosting review sites which are really great are not into the number-rating game. They only provide a detailed individualized review of some of the better known web hosting providers. If you are searching for some specific type of hosting like VPS, LINUX, Windows, etc, then these reviews may prove critical.
Other than shortlisting some of the best web hosting providers, there are two more reasons why you need web hosting reviews:
  • Reviews provide a detailed method of how to find an honest web hosting service provider.
  • These sites offering web hosting reviews also explain many other issues related to web hosting which customers must be aware of.

However the main function of web hosting reviews is to provide a detailed review of honest web hosting providers to help the customers wade their way through the "hosting jungle" with ease. So the web hosting reviews must be endorsed by people with real technical and market-specific knowledge and experience. They should provide a myriad of information covering support, technology, products, values, etc.

The web hosting reviews are the beginning of your research offering information about which service provider would provide the features important to you. A great website encompasses design, content and functionality and the web hosting provider is the engine upon which the website runs.
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