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An open-source Content Management System, Tikiwiki also supports Groupware web application enabling websites and portals on the internet and on intranets and extranets. Known as one of the most feature-rich CMS software, Tikiwiki extends the customization of modules to the user with selectable skins/themes. Unlike other open-source projects, with Tikiwiki when you upgrade, your features will not get broken and also permits the tight integration of various features and makes it easier for content re-use.

Major Components of Tikiwiki

Content creation and Management Tools:
A large list of feature is included in this category. All these features enable administrators and users to create, display and maintain online-accessible content of all kinds, including text, images, links, binary data and much more. Some of these features include articles, blogs, cookies, directory, polls, RSS feeds, bug trackers, FAQs, galleries, HTML pages, and a lot more.

Content organization tools and navigation aids:
A long list of features in this component of Tikiwiki enable users and administrators to structure, organize and present content in a manageable way. These features include a global category system, filtered menu items, freetags, meta tags and a lot more. Some of these features include content templates, Hotwords, modules, user menu, workflow, etc.

Communication tools:
By means of numerous media, including internal messaging, data interchange, voice telephony, etc, administrators and users can communicate with each other and the outside world in Tikiwiki. Some of these features include chat, live-support, mail-in, messaging, webmail, mobile Tiki, shoutbox, and a lot more.

Configuration and Administration tools:
The presence of these features in Tikiwiki administrators to configure and administer all aspects of a Tikiwiki site. Some of the basic features of this category include general configuration, feature specific configuration, backups, edit templates, Login configuration, Banners, PHP info, site statistics, theme control, etc.

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