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Gianluca Baldo started Phpauction as a personal project in 1997, to test the potential of the newborn PHP scripting language. PHP/FI language was used in the first version of Phpauction with miniSQL as the database back end. Migrating it to PHP3 and changing the database engine to MySQL in 1999, Phpauction is released as a free software under GPL terms with some new functionalities.

Till October 2000 Phpauction followed as a personal initiative. On November 2000 the decision was taken to leave a basic software application available under GPL and invest in R&D to develop further the web based auction transaction engine to an improved commercial web based software technology application.

And then Lorena Martínez joined the team. With her expertise in web design & development, she covered new areas such as design, sales, marketing and CRM. In order to provide a better service and turn-key solutions for our clients, new services were released like hosting, design, customer management, etc.

6 different dynamic transaction engine choices including classifieds, trading, plus modules and specific packs were launched in the falls of 2006 as a result of a continuous development of Phpauction web based software technology. Many people contributed to the development of Phpauction. And that is why Phpauction is one of the leading players in web based auction software technology for small/medium companies.

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