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Nucleus Features

An overview of the most important Nucleus features is given below.

  • Core Features
  • Plugin Extensibility

1) Core Features

  • Each blog with multiple authors. Some authors will only have posting rights, others will be allowed to change settings for the blog as well.
  • Within a weblog, you can set up one or more categories. Each item you add in your weblog will be put in one of these categories
  • Built-in Commenting System. A karma-voting system is also provided.
  • Nucleus can provide URLs optimized for both readers and search engines.
  • Runs on your own server.
  • Supports drafts and future posts
  • The way your Nucleus site looks is fully tweakable through skins and templates, and multiple CSS files. Next to that, the language used by the Nucleus admin area can easily be changed through language-files.

2) Plugin Extensibility.

  • Bookmatklets and right-click blogging
  • Archives for your weblogs are automatically managed by Nucleus, and a search function is provided to look up old items.
  • Syndication feeds are provided (as skins). Nucleus provides RSS and Atom feeds. Extra feed types (your favorite RSS flavor) can be added easily.
  • Nucleus provides implementations of the Blogger, metaWeblog and MovableType APIs. This means that Nucleus can be used with tools like w.Bloggar, Ecto, Zempt, etc.
  • IP-banlist.
  • With a simple click you can create a backup version of the database contents.
  • Easy file and image upload.

What do I need to run Nucleus?

You'll need the following (if you don't know where to find version information, ask your system administrator).

  • A server running PHP 4.0.6 or higher (4.2+ is recommended)
  • Access to a MySQL database (MySQL 3.23.x or above)


Plugins can extend Nucleus to almost everything you desire. The reason why these features are not included in the Nucleus Core, is that we didn't want it to become bloated. Some of you will like these features, others will like others. Nucleus provides a lightweight tool that can be used for different purposes, by simply plugging in the needed plugins.

Some examples of plugin functionality are given below:

  • WYSIWYG item editing
  • Statistics (most viewed/most commented/...)
  • Calendar
  • Comments/Item RSS feeds"Email/Print this article"
  • Chat (shoutbox)
  • CSS style switcher
  • Fulltext-search of local, related, articles
  • Fully integrated search
  • Weather forecast / current weather plugin for all major cities in the world
  • Fully integrated search (using google API, SOAP) of related outside articles
  • GZip your website, saving bandwidth
  • Run polls, even with multiple questions
  • Trackback
  • Reply notifications
  • Who is online plugin (tracks members and visitors active within last 30 minutes)
  • Comment preview
  • Comment moderation
  • Highlighting of search engine keywords.
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