Noahs Classifieds

Linux web hosting with Free Others Scripts 

Main features

  1. Describing categories and subcategories in unlimited depth.
  2. Uploading images for the advertisements and the categories.
  3. Describing variable fields for the advertisements per categories.
  4. Customizable email notifications.

Detailed features


  • Restricting a category from submitting any more ads,
  • Defining variable fields for the advertisements per categories:
    • Supporting field types such as text, textarea, boolean, checkbox and selection list
    • Specifying the default values of the fields
    • Possibility to activate, or deactivate a field
    • Deciding whether a field is mandatory, searchable, object of bad word replacement, can be kept private by the owner, and controlling its appearance in the ad lists
    • Creating sections of the variable fields by specifying custom  separator lines
  • Accepting and rejecting ads, or let them appear immediately - handling the list of accepted and pending ads.
  • The admin gets email notifications about the new ads, the user get emails about the acceptance or rejection of their ads
  • Notification management: all the emails sent by the system are customizable - the admin can change their text, or disable them completely
  • Bad word replacement
  • The admin has full control over a lot of system property such as the ad expiration time, size and dimension limit on the uploaded images, thumbnail dimensions, and many more.
  • Control the the apperance by specifying custom header and footer templates, or changing the stylesheet.
  • Viewing and handling the list of users

User functions:

  • Modify, submit and delete ads,
  • Uploading images - thumbnails will be generated automatically,
  • Browsing 'my ads'
  • Browsing the list of recent, or most popular ads
  • Modify user profile
  • Extending expiration date
  • Search in the classifieds database: simple search and category specific advanced search
  • Reply to an ad, or sending it to a friend
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