General Hosting Terms

Bitmap: A bitmap is a data structure or a representation of columns and rows of rectangular pixels, or dots of colour, of a graphic image in computer memory which is viewable through the monitor, paper or other display medium. Each dot is valued and stored in one or more bits of data and the bitmap is characterized by the number of bits and by the width and height of the image in pixels. One bit is sufficient to represent each dot in a monochrome image. But more than one bit of data is required to represent each dot for colours and shades of grey.

Database: A collection of information or data organized in such a way that a computer program or a person using a query language can quickly select the desired piece of data and can consult it to answer queries. In much simpler words a database is an electronic filing system.

Datacenter: A facility used to house computer system which includes backup power supply, environmental controls, redundant data communication connections and special security devices.

cPanel: A panel to administer and control your account. It is a graphical web-based panel designed for easy administration of websites, which helps to create emails, view files, change settings, etc.

IIS: IIS stands for Internet Information Server which is a set of internet-based service by Microsoft which runs on Windows NT platform.

Markup Language: A markup language is designed to define, process and present a text allowing to combine extra information about the text along with it. The structure, layout, or other extra information about the text is mingled with the primary text using markup. Example, HTML and XML.

Protocol: The rules governing the morphology, syntax, semantics and synchronization of communication. In other words, a protocol is an agreed-upon convention or standard or format that controls and enables the connection, communication and transmission of data between two computing end points. Programmers can choose from a great variety of standard protocols.

Schema: A structural description of the type of facts held in a particular database. It describes the objects represented in the database and the relationships among them.

SQL: Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized computer language for management and retrieval of data in database management system, and database schema creation and modification, i.e. a language for getting information from and updating a database.

Web Server Logs: A tool to report web traffic by providing insightful information about the users visiting the website for example number of hits, most viewed entry and exit pages, search engine key phrases and keywords used to find your site.

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