Small Business Web Hosting Services

Your business is as sensitive as other issues in your life, no matter how small or how big it is. So you canít leave your business hosting to chance. With newer business options adding up every day and with business being made easy and affordable by the advent of internet, there has been an explosion in the number of small businesses. Depending a lot on the world of Internet for their survival and profit, small business web hosting services are the rows for them in the sea of Internet.

So how should you choose the perfect hosting plan for small business web hosting? Here is a checklist for small businesses.
  1. The most important thing Ė avoid free hosting services for your business. The free hosting services may seem very lucrative, but they are not the perfect solution for business website. The numerous ads that you will have to put up with is the first reason; imagine your customers seeing ads of your competitors on your website!!
  2. Check out the language of your website, before selecting your small business web hosting plan. This would help you determine which platform or which type of server you need. Linux web hosting is best suitable for a simple HTML site or an ecommerce site or a site with any other programming-database feature created in php-MySql. If your site is in ASP, or ASP.NET, then you need to be on Windows servers.
  3. Is the space offered in small business web hosting plan sufficient for you? That depends on the number of pages and images in your site. Images require more space. So if your business is ecommerce based, with lots of product images, you need a lot more space than the general websites. But if you want to put up a 10 page HTML website and get a few POP3 mail ids for yourself, you don't need to spend several dollars a month getting a few GBs of space. You are never going to use that much space! So if a 10MB hosting plan would more than suffice for you, go for it.
  4. An important aspect of any type of hosting is bandwidth, i.e. rate of transfer of data. Small businesses generally need lesser bandwidth as compared to the bigger business houses, until and unless they are very popular. Donít pay for high bandwidth if you are never going to need as much.
  5. Availability of front-page extensions should be checked if you website needs them.
  6. Do not get over floored by lucrative offers of the small business web hosting service provider. You need a control panel of your own to operate your website in your desired way.
  7. Your small business web hosting package must have a database if your website is using one. MySQL database, PostgreSQL and SQLServer are the most common databases.
  8. Some of the common aspects, applicable to any form of web hosting including the small business web hosting service, would include customer support, POP3 email addresses, webmail interface and FTP.

Our small business web hosting plan is designed keeping in mind all things that matter to your small business. Our SOHO hosting plan is designed to run your small business effectively on the internet.

Armed with this checklist, check out if our Small business web hosting plan is really for you. And rest assured, you can upgrade your small business web hosting service anytime the need arises. Your business is bound to grow and we help you make the transition effortlessly. Small business web hosting services are required mostly to keep in touch with your customers and to sell products and services online and so we ensure you have a complete tool kit so that you could build your website as you feel.

Plus you get a template based personal website absolutely FREE with the package.

In addition to the free personal site with the small business web hosting plan, we also offer professional, affordable web design and development services through our Design division, Find out more if you are interested in the full package.

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