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To be online with your goods and services is not enough for a business site to bring in credibility. A lot more things are worth considering in this respect, including a professional web hosting company and a professional web designer for your website. But with a large number of freebies available, it is quite likely that business owners launching new websites go for them, being unaware of its drawbacks.

Let us make a list as to why a professional web hosting company is better than a free web host.
  1. First the hardware requirements Ė disk space and bandwidth i.e. the storable amount of data and the transferable amount of data. Professional web hosting providers could always support enough disk space and bandwidth unlike the free web hosts who restricts their use.
  2. Free web hosts clutter the websites with innumerable ads and the worst part is these ads may include your competitor too!! But a professional web hosting provider would never do it, no text ads and no banner ads.
  3. In free web hosting, files are to be uploaded using a web based upload manager which is cumbrous and slow. But the professional web hosting companies provide one or more FTP accounts which foster the speed of uploading and downloading of files.
  4. When you get something for free, you canít expect any form of support, and so you canít expect support from a free web host. On the other hand most of the professional web hosting companies provide 24/7 support.
  5. Most of the time only static pages are supported by free web hosting companies. Whereas access to database, flash and scripting is supported by almost all professional web hosting companies.
  6. Professional web hosting offers an easy and flexible control panel which may not be provided by the free web hosts.
  7. Blogs and forums are supported by the professional web hosting providers. But the free web hosting providers may not support these services.
  8. When you adopt a free web host, your site will have a domain name like† i.e. you donít have a domain name of your own and your site looses credibility. But with professional web hosting companies you can have your own domain name which is profitable from the search engine perspective even.
  9. With your own domain name you can have hundreds of email accounts while hosting with a professional web hosting provider which is not the case with a free web hosting provider.

Even though so much has been told against free web hosting companies, yet they have their own upsides. Free web hosting services are the best option for those who want just a home page and non-profit websites. If you are a student, or creating a website only for your craze of a hobby, than definitely the free web hosts are a better option. Often free web hosts offer free templates for designing websites. Some of them even offer domain names and email facilities, though the number of such free hosts is rare.

But for any business website, professional web hosting companies would be the best option which would give your site a professional look and your customers would also feel safe to shop with you as your website will command credibility and authenticity.

And we at have everything for a business site, from professional web hosting services to professional web designing and domain name registration to blog hosting. With seven professional web hosting plans for individuals and business and corporate houses, for ecommerce websites and blogs, offers everything to give your site a professional look. 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, tutorials and knowledgebase pages, unlimited email accounts, bandwidth and disk space as per demand, a control panel of your own, your own domain name Ė these make one of the best options as a professional web hosting service provider.

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