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The first question which arises when you are to choose an affordable web hosting provider (links to both the previous articles) is the choice of the server software environment. To put it more simply it is the choice between LINUX web hosting and WINDOWS web hosting. Whether you need and choose a LINUX web hosting or a WINDOWS web hosting depends on your requirement. This article is an attempt to help you in deciding whether or not you need a Linux web hosting.

What is LINUX?
: Before you go for a LINUX web hosting let us try to define what exactly is LINUX. Linux is a form of UNIX computer operating system. Linux is the best exemplar of free software and open source development which became popular for its robustness and availability. The underlying source code of Linux could be freely used, modified and redistributed by anyone, as long as they abide by the terms of GPL License. The definition itself speaks for some of the gains of Linux web hosting.

Opting for Linux Web Hosting: If you have a simple HTML site or an ecommerce site or a site with any other programming-database feature created in php-MySql, then Linux web hosting would be a much better option for you.

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Linux Web Hosting v/s Windows Web hosting

Reliability – Linux web hosting is still at the peak when it comes to reliability. Great improvements are attempted by Microsoft Windows in their latest versions, still they cannot match Linux when it comes to reliability.

Security – Linux is less vulnerable to viruses and other attacks which is why Linux web hosting is more preferable to Windows. Linux hosting is many times more secure.

Open Source – As we have already defined, Linux is one of the best examples of open source development which enables its customer/user to modify and customize the source code. Linux web hosting is thus more ‘open’.

Price – Most of the Linux variants are useable for free or available at a much lower rate which in turn makes Linux web hosting cheaper than Windows.

Ease of Use – It is true that Windows still remains the most user-friendly and easier operating system. But Linux variants are also making dramatic improvements in making Linux web hosting more user-friendly.

Hardware – Supporting Linux web hosting, hardware manufacturers and Linux companies have made a marked improvement in providing greater hardware support to Linux. But till date a majority of hardware manufacturers still support Windows for its greater number of users and the broader drive support.

Software – The truth remains that Windows is equipped with a greater number of software programs, utilities and games, but another truth which remains is that most of the Linux software programs, utilities and games are available for free and/or open source which is an attempt of making Linux web hosting more user-friendly and increasing its drive support.

Stability and Control – Undoubtedly, in a single sentence, Linux web hosting provides a better control and a much better stability.

The debate between Linux web hosting v/s Windows web hosting is a never-ending one. But you have to choose keeping in mind which software environment would best suit your requirements.

We, e2webhosts, offer both Windows and Linux web hosting to provide a greater option to you as per your requirements.
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