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In the last few years, the web hosting industry has seen so much competition that web hosting companies are forced, in a way, to curb their prices into an all time low while coming out with innovative web hosting packages and plans. Whatever be the consequences, the best thing that came out as an aftermath of all this is easy access to the world of internet, placing yourself(through blogs/networking sites and email accounts) and your company(through websites and business web hosting plans) in the world’s biggest encyclopedia, the internet. And that is perfectly where the web hosting providers  are of importance to you.

Broadly classifiable into three heads - personal web hosting, business web hosting and ecommerce web hosting, the hosting plans vary with each web host providing access to something new, something more and something more innovative. Personal web hosting  plans are very common among almost all the hosts. And so are the business web hosting plans and ecommerce hosting plans, albeit with a whole lot of variations.

Talking about business web hosting plans in general, they are meant, as the name suggests, for businesses – small businesses, SMEs, large corporate houses. Today’s business world can’t dream of a day without internet. From the smallest of the mails to the largest of the bills, everything has to be online, and so the significance of the business web hosting plans is revealed without even talking about it.

When you go for a web host, your search begins with bandwidth and disk space in mind. What is expected at the first place of a perfect business web hosting plan is high bandwidth, allowing a high rate of data transfer. But here again the rate of transfer differs depending upon your business requirements. A business web hosting plan of 500MB bandwidth may suffice a small scale industry. And bandwidth of 2GB may not be sufficient for bigger business houses which need to allow for downloads, large product images in their online catalogs, and so would opt for a catalog webhosting or an ecommerce web hosting plan in this case. The complexity and the percentage of traffic on a site are the determining factors as to what sort of business web hosting plans would best suit the site.

Whatever be your online business requirements, the solution to your business web hosting needs is available at Starting with the SOHO plan, which allows 500 MB data transfer per month and could serve the requirement of a small business which needs a basic brochure as an online presence and anticipates low traffic, we have business web hosting plans providing 1500MB bandwidth to 4000MB bandwidth.

Apart from the business web hosting plan and the corporate hosting plan, we have an ecommerce web hosting plan which is best suited to websites with very high bandwidth requirement – the hosting plan allows for 4GB data transfer per month. In addition to the above, we also have a Catalog hosting plan designed specifically as the  business web hosting plan for sites that need to host a large product catalog but don’t need as much space and as much bandwidth as in the Ecommerce website hosting plan. Pay for what you need! If you don’t feel any of the above plans are a “good” fit for your website, we can tailor a business web hosting plan suited to your specific needs. Write to us NOW!
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