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Q1. Do you offer email anti-virus?
  We have stopped offering this service as it sometimes results in your important mails being filtered out. We recommend that you run an anti-virus software on your local machine to protect your system from viruses.

Q2. What spam controlling measures do you take?
We have Spam Assassin available on all accounts at no extra charge.

Q3. I am getting a lot of spam. What should I do to curb it?
You could do one of the following to control spam:
  1. Log-in to your cpanel and enable Spam Assassin for your accounts.
  2. Set up filters and block mails from certain domains or with certain headers/subjects/mail contents.

Q4. Can I check my emails from someone else’s pc?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is access webmail by entering the following in a web browser -
     You will be asked for a username and password. Username is your full email id.

Q5. Why do I see two options when I log-in to my webmail?
  You have two webmail options - Horde and Squirrelmail. You may use whichever you find easier to use.

Q6. I want mobile access to my emails. Is it possible to do so if I host my site with you?
You can download the mails using any device that supports POP3/SMTP such as Windows Mobile devices, other GPRS/EDGE enabled phone.

Q7. I have configured my email account on Outlook on my local system but am not able to send any mails.
It might be that the port 25 is being blocked by some Firewall, proxy or other setting. Port 26 can also be used in this case. It is simply an alternate SMTP port enabled so that it can be used where port 25 is blocked.

Q8. Is there a limit to the maximum number of emails I can send from my hosting account in an hour?
Yes, there is a limit to the number of email accounts you can send out in an hour. The limit depends on the account you book. Contact support to know the limit for your account.

Q9. As a reseller, can I set the maximum number of emails that can be sent per hour for each hosting account that I sell?
Yes, you can definitely set the maximum number of emails that can be sent.

Q10. What spam controlling measures do you take?
We provide Spamassasin as a controlling measure to check spam.

Q11. Do you allow bulk mailing?
No, we do not allow bulk mailing.

Q12. Is there an email attachment file size limit?
Sending large email attachment is not welcomed by any web hosting company, including us, as the scanning done for viruses and spasm can decelerate/slow down the servers. The email attachment size though depends on  the bandwidth and disk space that you purchase. Better alternatives for the transfer of larger files are always there which are being supported by us such as FTP.

Q13. Mails sent to my email id are bouncing with the error “retry timeout exceeded”.
This error normally indicates that the disk quota of your hosting account is full. Upgrade your hosting account or delete old mails or unnecessary files on the server to make space for incoming mail.

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