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By : Arundhati   Date : 04 Dec 2009
Domain and Web Hosting are an integral part of a website and as much attention should be given to domain and web hosting as one would to design and development of the website. 
A domain is a name by which your website will be known in the internet. These names act as a website's Universal Resource Locator (URL) in the World Wide Web, which is a home to thousands of websites round the globe.

The right domain name, for any website, could allure visitors and customers to your site without confusion. But how to choose one? Some basic points to remember:
  • If you are a profit making industry relying totally on your customers, then keep your domain name simple avoiding numbers and hyphens, so that your customer should have no problem remembering it.
    Apply the KISS principle. Keep your domain short and simple without any numbers and symbols.
  • The most recognized and popular extension is still .com. So a .com always helps.

Domains are an invariable part of web hosting. You can have your own domain name or your website can be hosted with someone else's domain name. But for business related web hosting, it is always suitable to have your own domain name.
When you go for the free web hosting services, you donít have a domain name of your own and your site will be something like This sort of domain name lacks credibility. So the professional web hosting providers are a better option when it comes to business websites. These web hosting providers register your own domain names. And to add to that the professional web hosting providers offer different hosting packages as per the need of your website.

We, e2webhosts, being a professional and reliable web hosting provider register domains for you, along with the different web hosting packages that we offer for any type of website.

We offer both country level domain registration like .in, .us, .uk and international domain registration like .com, .org, .net. We register domains at the lowest possible price that we can offer. We also offer a managed DNS service through which you can manage your domain at your will. And our newest offers include a .com domain name free for life with our ecommerce web hosting plan. To check what more we have in store, visit you will find lots to reap.
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