An Introduction to Dedicated Web Hosting

By : Arundhati   Date : 04 Dec 2009
In dedicated web hosting, the client leases the entire server, without sharing with anyone, and so they have an autonomous control over the server, from operating system to hardware, enabling them to install and provide a secure environment for their site. So what comes as a direct benefit from dedicated web hosting is control and reliability. And the direct disadvantage is the cost. But this disadvantage can also be overlooked as the cost is decreasing with the rising sun of the hosting industry.
Now let us come directly to the advantages of dedicated web hosting. As already stated the direct advantages are control and reliability. You can directly control the variables associated with the server with stability and dependability. It is in your hand and power to install a particular application or a configuration as per the need of your site, unlike shared hosting services. When it comes to the repairing services, in dedicated web hosting you can interfere on your host’s repair services and provide solutions. You can even upgrade software, add patches or pluck performances with a 24 hour access to everything. Dedicated servers fastens the loading of web pages and thus increasing the trafficking, strengthening the company’s image.
The advantages may seem tempting but it is necessary to decide whether you really need a dedicated web hosting or not. A dedicated web hosting is best for those with knowledge of operating systems as technicalities may be under a twist sometimes. Server administrators must be able to provide ample security, update server applications, monitor traffic, balance server loads, and configure FTP, email, and DNS services. They must also apply kernel upgrades, software patches and service packs. In addition to that the proper uses of a dedicated web server environment are –
  • Dedicated hosting resellers, web designers and developers.
  • Enterprise-level sites
  • Mission critical sites with their needs of custom server management and software implementation.
  • Complicated sites with rich traffic and protected information.
  • Backbones of corporate intranets.
  • Content restricted sites.

Now if we come to the disadvantages of dedicated web servers, what strikes at the blink is the cost involved. But as I have already mentioned, with the booming of the hosting industry, the cost is also reducing at a great extent. But you can justify and nullify the cost if you really need a dedicated web hosting service. One more disadvantage that I would like to add is the requirement of technical skills. You must be capable of upgrading, installing and configuring programs, add sites and deal with hackings and problems.
When you decide to go for a dedicated web hosting service, the basic considerations remains the same as of selecting any web hosting provider (link to article web hosting provider). But in addition to that you need to keep a note of the scalability, i.e. capability of progressive expansion and a service level agreement, i.e. a full understanding of the agreement is necessary.
With this much about dedicated web hosting you can be able to justify whether you need a dedicated web hosting service or not, I suppose. Decide and research before you go for it.
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