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About 4images

Written in PHP with MySQL database, 4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system meant for the management, administration and presentation of images in the Internet. Other than the common image formats JPG, GIF and PNG, 4images also supports any other data format.

4images include a template system through which the design and layout of the gallery can be customized easily. Supporting multiple languages, an external language file can be used with 4images for translation in other languages.

For private and non-commercial use, 4images is free.

Requirements of 4images:
  • A webserver or web hosting account.
  • MySQL Version 3.23 or higher.
  • PHP Version 4.0.5 or higher.
  • ImageMagick, GD or NetPBM.(optional)

Features of 4images:

  • Database backup function.
  • Extensive, password protected adminstration are to configure and control the whole gallery system.
  • Easy to use installer for 4images.
  • RSS-Feeds.

  • Pre-configured for the following image- and file formats:
  • jpg, gif, png, aif, au, avi, mid, mov, mp3, mpg, swf, wav, ra, rm, zip, pdf.
  • Upload through browser, through admin panel or via FTP.
  • Extendable for every file format.
  • Protection against hotlinking.
  • Automatic resizing of images.
  • Easy to customize e-cards.
  • And lots more……

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Title and description (optional) for every category.
  • Logging and statistics of clicks for each categorie or subcategory.
  • Number of visible subcategories below categories can be defined.

  • Support of bb-codes like bold, italic, etc.
  • Individual to activate comment function for every image.
  • HTML-code in comment field can be disabled.
  • badword function.
  • Spam control.
  • Automatic wrapping of long words.

  • Extensive user administration including registration.
  • lightbox for registered users.
  • Extensive permission management for users and usergroups.
  • "Who is online" function.
  • Upload function for registered users.
  • Newsletter function and encrypted storage of passwords in the database.

  • Templates can be edited using a general HTML editor or via the administration area.
  • Easy to customizable layout via templates to fit the own web layout.
  • Standard template is included and many more templates available to download.

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